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CheckWriter is a stand alone payment system that works with any Windows computer. Using a laser or ink-jet printer, you create a draft of the customer's check, that can be deposited into any U.S. bank the same day, guaranteed. There are no associated transaction fees and no special bank account is required.

Authorization can be obtained by inbound or outbound telephone call, a fax of a check, an eMail order, or an order placed via an Internet form or shopping cart. With proper authorization, customers can be billed on a monthly recurring basis.  CheckWriter includes a free sample authorization form that can be adapted for use in any business.

CheckWriter software comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not delighted, give us a call within 30 days, then send back your software and we will refund your purchase price in full.

Drafts can be printed on Federal Reserve Board of Governors Regulation CC Security Bond Check Paper. Paper features include chemical alteration protection, erasure protection, 'original document' security screen, and an authentic watermark.

Drafts properly printed on this stock will be accepted by any bank in the United States. Federal Reserve Board of Governors Regulation CC Security Bond Check Paper is available at below retail prices to owners of CheckWriter™ software. 

Prices start at just $10 for 100 blanks, plus shipping. 
Larger quantity orders can bring the price below 5c per check.

You can use any laser or ink jet printer to print drafts, as long as it will accept 8 1⁄2 x 11’’ paper.  You cannot use a dot matrix printer.  No special ink or toner is required to print drafts.

Acceptance and Guarantee:
If printed properly, theses drafts can be deposited in to any United States bank, the same day, guaranteed.  They will typically take the same time to clear as a standard check, 1-3 days for an in-state check, and 2-5 days for an out of state check. 3 days is standard in most commercial banks. This will apply to drafts printed properly on the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, Regulation 'CC' stock only.  

Check acceptance is extremely low risk.  The typical bad check percentage is less than a typical credit card discount rate, around 1% for most industries. 

CheckWriter customers now enjoy Free Funds Verification using the RoutingTool link in the manual.  RoutingTool will provide the free funds verification phone number for all banks listed in the Federal Reserve's database.  Simply call the number listed to verify funds. 

Program Features:

Single User Version:

• Effortless Double Click Installation from CD ROM
• Password Protected w/1-username and password for security
• Easy to Learn, Easy to Train
• Saves All Customer and Transaction Records
• Allows for Customer Notes / Print Invoices
• Works at any U.S. Bank
• Prints Checks and Check Drafts for immediate deposit
• Accepts Credit Union and Bank Checking Information
• Prints Customer Reports or Individual Data Sheet or Invoice
• WebDebit™ Internet Payment Option Included
• Set up Automatic Monthly Billing / Recurring Payments
• Batch Printing – 3 per page or 1 up printing options
• Automatic Routing Number Validation
• Online RoutingTool provides Funds Verification Phone Numbers
• Text file Import / Export to Excel (.csv) or .txt
• Invoice and Stub: Compatible with #10 Window Envelopes
• Has 2 User Defined Fields – Searchable
• Prints Checks and Drafts up to $999,999.99.
• Mapable Import and Export Functionality:  [NEW for 6.0]
       Create and import from any file and export in any format.

Network Edition: All above features plus -
• Works on LAN, in multi user environment [call center]
• Each Terminal Using CheckWriter Shares One Database
• Standard License Covers 3 Terminals [seats] add up to 7 more.
[NEW for 6.0]
• Administrative Login: Full Functionality [customize permissions]
• User Login:  [customize permissions for each individual user]

• Standard License Covers 3 Terminals [seats] add up to 7 more.

 Enterprise Edition: All above features plus -
[NEW for 6.0]
• Standard License Covers 10 Terminals [seats]
    add unlimited numbers of additional seats
• Print Drafts with dollar amounts in the Millions and Billions

CheckWriter's WebDebit Feature:
WebDebit™ Payment Option for CheckWriter allows payment to be accepted via internet payment form. Using an official WebDebit™ form, supplied with the Best Deal Package, payment information can be automatically imported to CheckWriter software after a customer has submitted their information.

WebDebit™ forms are available for use on your own web site at no charge when you own CheckWriter. A free generic from is provided, however, WebDebit™ forms require you to have your own secure server and script configuration for submission.

Most database programs or shopping carts which can output to ASCII text will work with CheckWriter.


CheckWriter Best Deal Package
          [for new customers only]

Get CheckWriter™ CD ROM ...........................            $129.99
plus 50 Blank Checks .......................................           $ 8.99
plus Generic WebDebit™ Order Form Template.......    $25.00
plus Authorization & Endorsement Documents ........   $25.00
plus Priority Shipping .....................                              $10.00
Total Price $198.98
Best Deal Package Discount: Subtract -$68.99
Total Price
Including Shipping

Check paper can be reordered:  
Prices for 100 blank checks start at just $10 plus shipping.     
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CheckWriter Network Edition for LAN 
up to 3 users - admin & user login

[more than 3 users - Only $59 per additional seat]

CheckWriter Enterprise Edition for LAN 
up to 7 users standard - with unique admin & user logins

[more than 7 users - Only $59 per additional seat]


Ordering is easy. Use your MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Diners Club or Checkbook.

To Order NOW online just click an order button:  Order

FAX your order to us at 617-249-0850

Call us to order: 1 800 893-6001

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