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    General Customer Survey


Thank you for taking the time to visit our Survey Page.

We will not sell, lease or provide your name to any outside organization.  This survey is for the exclusive use of yourfavorite.com and affiliates.  The only organization that will have your survey information is yourfavorite.com.  We will not sell, lease or provide your name to any other organization, ever. Your e-mail will be added to an opt-in, opt-out newsletter called eTrader.  


Your Name * = Required
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State *
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Phone Business *
Phone Home
Fax Number
E-mail Address *

Website Hosting 

Do you have a web-site?
What kind of
                                                   site(s) do you have?

Do you pay for hosting?
How much do you pay in
                                                         hosting fees for each site?

How many unique visitors do you have each month?
What is your main web-site address
Are you happy with your current web-host? 
If you could switch your hosting company
               easily for a better overall package, would you? 
*Do you have yourdomain.com e-mail ? 
If not, what provider do you use?


Do you sell products at your site? 
                              Or is it for information only?
Do you accept credit cards at your business?

If yes, Please
Proceed Past This Section


If No, Why Not?
I Do Take Credit Cards - Skip Question
Cost Too Much     
My Credit       
Volume Too Low     
Business Type      
Denied Already 

Would you accept credit cards if you could?

What cards do you accept? Please Check Below:
American Express

Do you accept electronic checks by phone
                             fax or at your website?

If yes, Please
Proceed Past This Section


If No, Why Not?
I Do Take eChecks - Skip Question
Did not know it was possible
I know it's possible, but don't know how     
It costs too much 

Would you accept
                   electronic checks if you could?

What program do you use to take checks? 
Please select one or more:
Authorize.Net / CyberCash / LinkPoint
CheckWriter Software
Other Software Please List
ACH System
Third Party System 

What would be your prize of choice  
if your name is drawn as a winner from the survey pool?
Dot.Com Gift Card
CheckWriter Software Package
Shopping Cart and Free Secure Hosting for a Year

Do you know someone else who would like to take this survey?
If yes, Who?
E-mail Address
Thank you for taking our survey, 
do you have anything to add?
















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