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What other businesses use CheckWriter?

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Actual Customers
    These are some of our active CheckWriter 

COX Communications, Collections Departments.   For collection of delinquent accounts. CheckWriter customer.

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The Better Business Bureau offices of Boston / San Francisco, and others use CheckWriter for collecting member dues.

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Consumer Credit Counseling
To keep established credit plans in order and on track for consumers who are rebuilding their credit.

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ACCTCORP® Office Network
Acctcorp Int. uses CheckWriter to assist bad debt collection.

Craftmatic Adjustable Bed - similar to hospital beds, & electric beds

Craftmatic® Adjustable Beds
Used by Craftmatic accounting department for payment plans, phone pay, and collections.

Touchstone Energy
Pay your electric bill by phone, website or autopay.

Florida Tel Credit Union
Pay your mortgage / credit card by phone or web.



























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