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Testimonials from real yourfavorite.com customers, like you.

See what actual customers have written in and said about instantpc.com. Plus, take a look at some of the business using instantpc.com products and services. 

Actual Testimonials
    Copies are on file at instantpc.com and can be examined upon request.

You can also view our report from "thepubliceye.com" here.

"Two things convinced me to buy your software. Your generous return policy and most of all the rapid response to my e-mailed questions."  

Larry W.

Thank you so much for your efforts ... you were extremely helpful in identifying my technical support issue and you had me up and going in no time.  You have found a good group to work with.
Have a great evening and again, thank you for your prompt support.

R. Hamilton

How thrilled I was to see that you DO cater to Macintosh users as well !  I read through your literature and I must say I have been won over.   Thanks guys for making me a better businessman.

Gary L

I really like CheckWriter.  A friend of mine would like information on how to order also.

Anne L.

It is a real pleasure to deal with a company who puts customer service above all else.  I believe in that very strongly.  I look forward to working with you in the future.

B. Rick

I just received my first bank draft on-line check, and  I printed it our and took it to the bank.  Thank you - I love it.

C. P.

Thanks for the support you provided me with earlier in the year.   Look forward to doing business with you in the future.


Hi Folks. God bless you ! I thought there was no software like this for Mac and then I found you.  I write the Business Edge column for ComputorEdge magazine in San Deigo and Denver and syndicate the articles to other computer mags around the country.  As a Mac devotee, I'm always bugged when we get overlooked for business applications.  So when I was writing this column about receiving checks by phone, fax and email, it was doubly sweet to see that someone was making such software for the Mac.

Skip P.

Just want to let you know that we are very pleased with the SSL Transaction Hosting.  In our hectic day to day living, we sometimes forget to compliment folks on a job well done.   Thanks a lot for the outstanding job you are doing and we wish you continued success!

Freddie R

Love your product.


Thank you so much for your prompt replies.  You have excellent sales people.  I have been given so much hands on, that perhaps I have been spoiled.   I will recommend your company to others and want someone to know what valuable employees you have.

Calvin V

Just a note of extended thanks concerning my questions about InstantPC.  It was because of the time you took to FAX answers to my initial questions, that I applied with InstantPC.  You went the extra mile when other companies did not.
Also, please extend many thanks to your underwriters for their patience.  My account was approved !!! We are all excited and are ready to move on to the task of making money.

Jeff D


Thanks! I'm open for business. I love the way [my site] looks and am referring all my friends to you. I expect to be getting back to you before too long about some customization ... a wonderful beginning. Regards. 

Sarah B.


With the level of customer service you provided, it makes me want to utilize your server with all of my other domains. Thank you.

Chuck S.







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