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Please fill out this form completely and press submit.

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Pay to the Order Of:

You must select the URL you wish to link to. This is where you will send the customer to complete the sale.

If you plan to carry only one, or two products, you must provide product information at your site - although you are welcome to use any of the material, directly from the site.

If you choose option 1, direct referral, customers will go right to and you will be paid on all purchases made by your visitors.  ALL OTHER OPTIONS will refer the customer only to our site for purchases, allowing you to keep visitors off of the if you have a competing product line. Offer all products, direct referral.

allprducts.html Selling all products, order links only.   
cwma.htm Selling CheckWriter and Merchant Accounts only
cwmassl.htm CheckWriter, Merchant Acc'ts, SSL Forms only
hosting.htm Web-Site Hosting Only
sslforms.htm SSL Forms Only
merchant.html  Merchant Accounts Only
cw.htm  CheckWriter Only

I understand by joining the affiliate program I am entitled to commissions on my sales as stated on the following URL: will pay all commissions due to current, active affiliates monthly, providing the balance due is at least $50. If we pay an affiliate over $500 for the year, we are required to report the income under the tax id shown above.

Affiliates are not employees of, nor agents.  Affiliates can advertise products and services and provide links to our page, or another page bearing our links.

No affiliate shall refer directly to an URL in any eMail.  URL referrals must be the affiliates own site, with a link to the site.

Affiliates may use any banners or promotional material which can be found at here.

We will provide proper code which will allow the customer to order from your site, or just go to our site - which ever option you choose.

You must agree to the privacy policy and follow the same guidelines when dealing with sensitive customer or applicant information. Our privacy policy is listed here: privacy policy

You must agree to the acceptable use policy which can be found here: acceptable use.  We prohibit SPAM.

Violations of this agreement will result in termination of the affiliate relationship.

If you agree to the terms of this agreement, please check the I agree box, indicating that you have read the terms and conditions, and we will contact you shortly with your setup information and tracking links.

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