Printing issues with CheckWriterTM, can usually be fixed very easily. Please read the following questions and answers to solve your issue.



When I print my check draft, the MICR line doesn't print the symbols, it looks like this

C01234C A123456789A 1234567890C

Windows has not recognized your font. You should re-boot your computer. If this doesn't work. Click Here
When I print my check draft on the Federal Reserve Stock, the MICR line is below the bottom of the check You need to adjust your TOP margin. If you need directions on how to do this Click Here
I am getting TWO symbols next to the check number, routing number, and/or the account number You do not need to use letters in the input fields unless you are coding a non-standard check. If this is the case, the symbol "key" will light up.
My issue is not listed here. Click Here for Help


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