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We are has been serving the business community since 1996, providing eCommerce solutions, business tools and resources, to small and medium size businesses.

Administrative office hours:
9 a.m.-5 p.m. Eastern Time. 
Monday - Friday.

Feel free to call us for information: 
1-800-893-6001 in the USA 
               or +1-617-859-8998 internationally.

Contact Technical Support [Click Here]: 
Online Support:

*Telephone support is not offered on domain registration accounts.

Contact Sales or Customer Service
Call our sales and customer service center, 7 days a week,
at 1-800-893-6001 or 617-859-8998.

Where Are We Located? is located in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Official Privacy Policy [Click Here]
We respect your privacy.  We do not share any information collected at our web-site or any affiliated sites.  Please review our official privacy policy for details.

Refund Policy
Domain Name Registrations and Renewals are Non-Refundable once submitted.  Fully hosted accounts [not domain name registrations] have a 30-day money back guarantee on new orders, excluding setup fees, and a 2 day cancellation grace period for renewals.

Rates and Fees:
Current hourly rates are $120 per hour for consulting, and $240 per hour for programming or development.  Paid telephone technical support is a flat rate of $20 for a 10 minute incident, or $120 per hour after 10 minutes.

Returned Check Policy: Please note, all checks returned unpaid will be assessed a fee, not to exceed $35 per instance.

Terms of Service Agreement [Full Version]
Please review our terms of service agreement for secure hosting, eCommerce, and commercial web-site hosting.

We do not allow our users to send Spam.  Please report Spam through  We would appreciate if you would forward a copy of the entire message, including all headers, as an attachment, so we can identify the sender, and terminate their account.  We can only fully authenticate messages if we receive a copy of the entire message, including all headers.




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