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Pointers and Redirects

                Pointers and Redirects


A redirect differs from a pointer because it does not actually over-ride your site, it simply redirects visitors typing in one name to another site. Our redirects use frames so the end user will always see your domain name and not the site it is pointing to.

This feature is commonly used to direct a name at a free members site, such as AOL, or, or to use multiple domain names on just one main site. Unlimited eMail forwarding is included with this plan.

You must already own a domain name to have a redirect. You may need to register one first, then order the redirect service.

Plans :

New Redirect      Order Here
One-Time Fee $25 <---no monthly fees


Domain Name Pointers

Pointers override your current domain name entirely.  A pointer will simulate another domain name and comes with POP eMail and unlimited eMail forwarding. 

Domain Pointer


Domain POINTER Annual Plan Order
$9.99 per mo. X 12 mo. + $39.99 setup $159.87  
Domain POINTER Quarterly Plan Order
$12.99 per mo. X 3 mo. + $49.99 setup $88.96


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