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Corporate Hosting       $69.99/mo.
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Corporate hosting plan
This plan is perfect for a growing eBusiness that needs more space and multiple Database management features.  This plan has 275MB of available disk space and allows for 10.5 GB of data transfer.  The corporate plan also comes with RealAudio and RealVideo support as well as MySQL and PHP support.




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1 year of Corporate Hosting
@59.99/mo. = $719.88
+ One-Time Setup $49.99
Total $769.87     $719.88

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NEW MONTHLY Hosting Plan
@$69.99/mo. =$69.99
+ One-Time Setup WAIVED 
[was $49]
Total $69.99


275 MB disk space
MB/mo. data transfer
24/7 access to your account
Anonymous FTP access
Account "Control Panel"

Microsoft FrontPage extensions
Detailed Web usage statistics
Access to raw log files
30 day money back guarantee
24/7 Technical Support
Extensive online documentation

eMail Services:
1 master POP3 account
20 configurable POP3 accounts
Unlimited mail forwarding to a default address
30 configurable mail forwarding options
30 auto responders

MultiMedia Support
TrueSpeech streaming audio
Midi file support
Many supported MIME types
RealAudio & RealVideo

Cgi-Script Capabilities
Pre-installed counter, imagemap, form-to-email scripts
Your own cgi-local directory
Perl, C, Unix SH, KSH, CSH, Python
Guestbook installer
WWWBoard installer
FREE Excite! search engine
FREE real-time chat
FREE random link generator

eCommerce Capabilities
SSL Secure Server
CyberCash Support
FREE Shopping Cart program
Support for 3rd party commerce solutions

Database Access
mSQL database support
PHP3,, msqlJava, W3-mSQL
MySQL database support
Control Panel interface to database tables

World Class Technology
Powerful SGI Origin 200 servers
Customized Apache Web server software
Multiple T3 connections on diverse backbones
Cisco routers using BGP4 protocol
Multi-homed central office provisioning
Daily tape back-ups
UPS power back-up, diesel back-up generator
24/7 network monitoring
99.9% guaranteed uptime!


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