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Finitesite.com's famous TOTALLY FREE HOSTING.  With no banners, no pop-ups, and absolutely no advertising on your site, this is the best free hosting plan anywhere.

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How Does Free Hosting Work?:
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Once you sign up, you will choose a username, that will become your address at finitesite.com.  For example, if you chose "billybob" as your username,  your free site will be finitesite.com/billybob.  

If you want hosting for free at your own domain name, simply register a new name or park an existing name on our server for a low one-time set up fee, and we will point it right at your finitesite.com address, and you still pay no monthly fees for hosting.

Visit a real site hosted for free at:

This site is actually located at this finitesite.com free URL: 
...but the domain name points right to the FREE site in a frame!

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Are you wondering if there is a  catch? There is not. 

You can host for as long as you want, absolutely FREE.  We do not run ads on your site. No banners, no pop-ups, no slogans, and no catch.

If you like the service, consider registering a DOT.COM name with us, upgrade your plan, or make a member contribution  HERE.  



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