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Merchant Account Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions 
                About Merchant Accounts:

How can I apply and how long will it take?
To Apply for the Authorize.Net real-time account, you simply purchase the real-time terminal here, and you will be sent the application soon after.  This application can be completed online, and then faxed or mailed back, we do not need to receive the originals.  Once we receive the signed paperwork, you will be set up in 3-14 business days, depending on the complexity of the application.

For the retail or mail order merchant account, you will fill out the application worksheet here, and upon completion, pay the $99 application fee.  Next, we will contact you and mail the original applications to you.  We require you return these to us with your original signature by mail, or overnight service with a check for the purchase price of your software or your first month's lease payment of $19.99.  Once this is received, you will be set up in about 10 business days.

Is my application fee refundable?
Your application fee, and any up front costs are 100% refundable in the rare case you are declined. If you initiate an application that requires a fee or payment and decide you no longer wish to continue with the process, refunds of application fees will not be available.  If you apply, please be certain you wish to proceed and open a merchant account.  You are only required to provide payment if your status is "approved;" all "declined" applications will receive a 100% refund upon request, no questions asked.

Is poor credit, or new business status a problem?
No way.  We approve almost everyone regardless of past credit. Even a bankruptcy will not necessarily prevent your approval.   When you are approved, we guarantee you the same low discount rate, regardless of history. 


What about leasing options?
We offer a tax deductible, lease-to-own plan for all software, and virtual terminals. Swipe equipment leases are not available.  All leases are for 36 (NOT 48) months.  Leases my be paid off early without penalty, but must be paid in full. Lease terms are $19.99 per month for 36 months on Authorize.Net virtual terminal or PC Authorize software.  Lease payments are deducted directly from your checking account that is linked to  your merchant account.  Total lease payments for 36 months total $719.64. Total purchase price of the Authorize.Net virtual terminal outright is $299 and the PC Authorize software is $399.

What about customer service?
Customer Service is available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, at no charge. We are available for assistance, voice authorization, security, or to provide you with statement or account information.

What does the discount rate mean?
The discount rate is the percentage of each transaction that the processing company (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover) charges to handle the transaction for you. Our discount rates are extremely competitive. Please note, Discover and American Express will have different rates.

How quickly do I get paid?
After closing your daily "batch", or when all transactions have been sent to the bank for the day, you can expect your funds to be available for withdrawal about 48 hours later in most cases with the retail and mail order / telephone order accounts.   Real-time accounts may have different terms, depending on the offer. Most accounts are settled within 120 hours (5 business days) although funds are secured and guaranteed immediately.  48 hour settlement is available for real-time accounts upon request pending account review.






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